Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Porn Addiction Can't Get You Love

At the core of porn addiction are mismanaged feelings of intimacy and affection. These feelings are designed to enable human beings to bond with each other and it is desirable and healthy to have them in the context of a committed relationship.

In the case of porn addiction, the feelings have become chains that hold the addict bound to the pornographic images. The typical illusion in the mind of a porn addict is that he has a relationship with the women in the images he sees.

The feeling of closeness and familiarity can be quite intense and cannot be shaken out of a porn addict's mind without specialized counseling techniques.

Because of the delusional and fixed ideas about "being in love", the addict will fight any effort made to help him understand the real thoughts and feelings behind his porn addiction. This is why help offered by family and friends frequently fails. The porn addict refuses to hear anything that threatens his "relationship".

As strange as it may seem, a porn addict has given out his best feelings to pornographic images. All that's left are feelings of indifference at best and violent anger at worst for the people in the real world.

Although it is obvious to the people on the outside that pornography cannot love anyone back, in the mind of someone with porn addiction, one is indeed loved. It is a "real relationship", as far as a porn addict is concerned. Even if he never gets to see the women in pornographic images in person, the porn addict is convinced that the women he so intensely desires love him too.

In order to regain sanity, a porn addict has to take a leap of faith by going through the process of understanding the real causes of his porn addiction. Only by going through the process of gaining insight into his thoughts and feelings can a porn addict learn to see clearly the intensity and destructiveness of his porn addiction, as this guy did http://pornaddictionend.tumblr.com/.

If no action is taken, the porn addiction results in a complete ruin of a porn addict's life.

Do not wait until porn addiction completely destroys you. Help is available. Reach for it today.